FAQs About Sports And Your Eye Health

If you play sports, you know that it is important that your overall health needs to be carefully guarded. One part of that is ensuring that your eye health is at its best. Here is what you need to keep your eyes in good shape. 

Why Is Eye Health Important?

When it comes to sports, good eye health is more than just ensuring you can see well enough to participate. The condition of your eyes plays a major part in your sports ability. 

For instance, your eyes play a role in how well you can focus on a ball and its trajectory. If you play a sport, such as basketball or baseball, being able to accurately assess the trajectory of the ball is crucial. 

In basketball, your eyes help to judge the arc needed for a ball to go through the hoop. In baseball, your eyes help predict at what point you need to swing at a ball. 

What Tests Do You Need?

A vision screening is usually not thorough enough to provide you with a proper assessment of your vision. A comprehensive eye examination that involves the use of several types of tests presents a better picture of your eye health. 

For instance, your eye doctor can perform an eye teaming test. The test is used to gauge how well your eyes work together. If you are having trouble fixating on objects, such as a ball, the doctor can determine the amount of the disparity and develop a treatment program. 

Another test available is a contrast sensitivity test. The test is used to measure how well you can distinguish high contrast objects in various situations, such as low-light conditions. In the event that you have trouble with distinguishing between the objects and their environment, your doctor can recommend treatments, such as wearing tinted lenses. 

What If You Have Vision Problems?

In the event that the eye examination reveals that you do suffer from a vision problem, the eye doctor can treat your specific condition. The treatment depends largely on the problem. 

For instance, if it is determined you have a problem with tracking moving objects, you might need to use an eye tracking device. The device is often used to help train eyes to focus on objects and follow motion. If you play sports, such as tennis or baseball, this could be particularly beneficial. 

Ideally, you should have a comprehensive eye examination on an annual basis. In some instances, your eye doctor (like those at Wear Eyewear and similar locations) might recommend a different schedule if he or she detected problems that required closer monitoring.