What You Should Know About Contacts And Glasses So You Pick Correctly

If you have just learned that you should be wearing corrective lenses, then you may be deciding whether you want to go with prescription glasses or contacts. There are both positive and negative aspects of each and it's up to you to decide which one offers you the most benefits. The information provided here will make it easier for you to imagine what it will be like to wear both so you can choose the one you will be the most satisfied with.

Wearing glasses

Glasses are great for anyone who doesn't want to deal with taking care of them. There are only a couple of things you need to do, and these include wiping them down with a soft cloth to clean them and making sure the screws don't come loose. If the screws do start to loosen up, then you need to take them in to have them tightened or purchase an eyeglass repair kit that comes with a very small screwdriver so you can do it yourself. It's important to add that some people never have the screws come loose on them.

If a screw comes out of the glasses, then it will be extremely hard to find because they are extremely small; smaller than a piece of rice. An easy way to find one you have dropped is to use a strong magnet, such as the ones on the back of speakers. Run the magnet slowly over the area where you lost the screw and it will pick it up.

Prescription glasses can have an anti-glare coating put on them to cut down on the glare of lights at night. They can also have a tint put on them that helps them work more like sunglasses when you go out in the bright sunlight.

Wearing contacts

Contacts are a good choice for anyone who doesn't feel like wearing glasses on their face. Also, they are easier to wear with protective head gear if you play contact sports. They don't get specks of water all over them in the rain that make it more difficult for you to see. Although they do require more maintenance than glasses, they are still quite easy to care for.

You want to rinse them in a cleaning solution before you put them in your eyes each time. You will also need to store them in a storage container that's filled with soaking solution anytime you have them out of your eyes.  You can purchase different types, such as disposable or long wear so you can get ones that met your needs.

When you wear contacts, you can also wear your favorite pair of sunglasses over them when you go outside. You can even purchase contacts that are colored so you can enjoy having different colored eyes when you have them in.

Now that you have a better understanding of what it's like to wear each, you should find it easier to choose which one is the right option.

For more information and options, visit your local eyeglasses store, such as Eye Tech Optical.