When Your Child Can't See: Signs That Your Child May Need To Wear Corrective Lenses

It isn't always easy to tell when your child needs glasses. Children who have never worn corrective lenses before simply take what they see as normal, without understanding that their vision could be much better with correction.There are a number of signs that can indicate your child needs glasses. If you notice your child sitting too close to the television, or squinting when they tried to read, it's time to take your child in for an eye exam.

Signs From in the Classroom that Can Indicate Poor Vision

If your child is having difficulty learning how to read, they may be having trouble seeing the words on the page. Children who have vision problems will often read along, tracing their finger along the page to avoid losing their place. If your child has recently received grades that are lower than normal, it could be a sign that their vision is not as clear as it could be. When your child sits down to read, they may also close one eye in an effort to see better. This is another sign that they are having vision problems.

Physical Complaints Associated with Vision Problems

If your child complains of headaches or sore eyes, they may be working extra hard to focus on what is in front of them. Eye strain can cause significant headaches, sore eyes, and your child might complain they are tired or that their eyes hurt. You may also notice that your child's eyes are watering frequently, another sign that their eyes may be strained from trying to focus.

Your Child Stops Playing Sports

If your child was once really active and good at playing sports, there is cause for concern if they stop playing abruptly. This can indicate a problem seeing clearly, especially if your child suddenly becomes worse at sports they excelled at. If your child no longer engages in physical activity like they once did, it's important to have their eyesight checked. With corrective lenses in place, your child will be back in the game in no time.

When you have concerns regarding your child's vision it's reasonable to make an appointment for an eye exam to see if there are any vision problems. If your child already wears glasses, you should you bring your child in once a year to make sure that their prescription doesn't need to be updated. For more information, talk to a professional Village Optical.