4 Ways To Help Prevent And Ease The Pain From Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, medication may already be an important part of your treatment. Besides medication, there are other treatments and preventative measures you can try to help deal with migraines. Here are four more ways you can help alleviate and prevent your

Wear Light Sensitive Sunglasses

Suffering from photophobia can cause you to be sensitive to all types of light, which can trigger migraines. Wearing sunglasses the entire day won't protect your eyes from all types of light or prevent migraines. When you are sensitive to light, its brightness will cause you to be irritable, nauseous, and uncomfortable, thus leading to a migraine. But light sensitive sunglasses have a tint that blocks out and protects your eyes from all types light, such as fluorescent lights, sunlight, your computer monitor, and car headlights. For more information about these types of sunglasses, you'll want to talk with your ophthalmologist or optician. 

Use Hot or Cold Packs

When you have a migraine, it is because blood vessels are enlarged and have released chemicals from nerve fibers surrounding the blood vessels. You can apply a cold pack onto your forehead or the back of your neck, and the ice will help to dull the pain. Also, a hot pack applied to your neck and back of your head can help relax your tense muscles, helping to relieve the tension with your migraine.

Drink Caffeine

When you drink caffeine, your body's nerve cells can't tell the difference between caffeine and adenosine. So, when caffeine is present in your body, it blocks the adenosine, resulting in a reduction of your headache pain. 

Caffeine taken along with migraine medication also helps your body absorb the medication faster, bringing quicker relief. Caffeine makes pain relievers 40 percent more effective when you take them together.


Stress is a common cause for migraines, so you should do all you can to live a less stressful life. Take ten minutes out of each day to meditate and practice deep breathing techniques. Additionally, this practice can help you to learn how to relax your muscles that have become tight throughout the day.

You can also take some time to listen to soothing music at the end of your day or take a warm bath to help you relax and wind down. You should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and heavy exercise in the evening as these things can interfere with your getting a good night's rest.

Use these four tips to help prevent and treat your migraine headaches.