Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Your Small Face

When you have a tiny, childlike face, you may feel like eyeglasses take over your whole face. Learn how to select wonderful frames that not only complement your face, but make you feel confident with your smaller features as well.

Go small

Bulky, over-sized frames may come and go in style, but they can make your small face appear overwhelmed. Choose frames that are narrow and thin, and stick with square and rectangular styles. Just as you want your frames to have small lens widths, you should also seek thinner frame material, whether you go with metal or plastic designs. Metal frames are more likely than plastic frames to have options in thinner styles, so keep this in mind.

Consider a half-rim frame

A half-rim frame works great for small faces because it only has a frame bordering the top half and the bridge of your glasses. Choosing a half-rim frame gives you more options in styles, so if you want round lenses or a larger stylish frame, you can easily accomplish this without burying your face entirely in eye wear. Metal frames are most likely to carry half-rim designs in many colors and styles from which you can choose from

Choose color and flair wisely

What makes your small face so great is that you can choose many colors for your frames. If you want more subtle frames, consider going with a solid black or maroon hue for your eyeglasses. If you wish to go bold, choose a frame with heavily accented ear pieces so your main frame doesn't overpower your small face. Many ear pieces are bedazzled with jewels or have fun and flirty designs in them, such as flames or floral etchings.

A classic style of frame that works well for small faces is tortoise shell. This multi-hued pattern is attractive for both work and play.

Try child frames

If your face is very small, you may want to consider buying a pair of child frames instead of adult ones. Children's frames often have narrower bridges and smaller lenses to suit growing faces best. If you are worried about kid frames being too childish in design, opt for plastic frames over metal ones. Plastic frames tend to carry similar styles to adult versions, just in a smaller design.

Picking eyeglasses for your small face is made much easier when you know what to look for. Choose your size, color, and style to fit your face, and you can love your eyeglasses every day. Check with a local optician, such as Kitsap Optical Inc, for options.